martedì 25 novembre 2008

Beatnik Boy

Television Personalities release Three Wishes and the words make a friend of mine in Scotland cry.
Daniel is still touching nerves.
I start a club clled "Communication Club" for my favourites groups, known and unknown.
Television Persoalities play twice.
TVP are and experience different n each occasion, th way it should be.
Daniel release "They Could Have Been Bigger Than The Beatles" and people laugh at the title, what a wacky bunch!
I don't think Daniel was joking.
He more than realises the potential of his songs.
Steve Sutherland, one of the few music journalists with any enthusiasm, reves about the lp: "the world wakes up to Daniel Treacy's pop genius, and gives him the recognition he deserves".

Da Diary of a Young Man, articolo di Alan McGee pubblicato dalla fanzine Communication Blur, 1982.

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